3D Art Assets

Environments, Characters

High Poly Sculpts, Low Poly Baking


Themed tile sets, Trim Sheets

UV Unwrapping, Realistic and Hand Painted Styles


Unreal 4


Exporting Objects and Animations

UI Art

Design and Creation

Particle Editors

In-house and Professional


Basic Rigging with 3DS Max

Animation with Max and Maya

Experience with Auto Rigs


Scheduling and Managing teams with creation of game wide assets.

Exato Game Studios, Lead Artist February 2013 - Present

   - Death Tractor, released October 2015

    - GunCraft, released August  2014


Ohfourhundred, Lead Artist 2010 - 2011

    - Annecto: Released August 4th, 2011 XBLIG

    - Small team: 2 programmers, 1 artist.


DigiPen USA Corp, Texture Artist Summer 2011

    - Zero Engine: In Development

    - Worked directly with engine developer to improve pipeline.

Spare Parts: Lutin’s Folly, Art Director/Producer Summer 2012 - Spring 2013

    - Team of 7 artists, 5 Developers


Derelict, Art Director Fall 2011 - Summer 2012

    - Large team: 5 Artists, 6 Developers, 2 Designers.


Mein Mines, Spring 2012

    - Collaboration with 1 programmer to create a fun, simple, single-player game in Unity. 

professional work
student work

Graduated Salutatorian from

DigiPen Institute of Technology, 2013

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation


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